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What We Offer To Our Customers

You will notice the landscaped tropical gardens and well-maintained grassed areas around the pools and recreational areas when arriving at Cherratta Lodge. You’ll find yourself enjoying the scenery from underneath the tropical hut and a water misting system that keeps you cool in the summer months.

It’s not just the aesthetics that provide a distinct difference to normal “camps”.

Functionality and practical considerations at Cherratta Lodge have been designed to meet the specific requirements of construction and operational workforce in the Pilbara

Our Facilities

Swimming Pool

Enjoy two beautiful pools surrounded by gazebos and BBQ areas

24-Hour Check in Service

Simple and round-the-clock check-in and concierge services.

Leisure Bus

We offer free leisure bus service weekly for our guests to enjoy the amazing City of Karratha.

Laundry Service

Complete laundry facilities for all guests available 24/7

Restaurant and Café

Open 365 days of the year, with menus that change daily, come and experience the taste sensations created in the Homestead kitchen.

Free Internet

Complimentary high-speed WiFi available for all guests.

Our check-in and concierge services are simple and efficient, with easy access to quiet rooms and the privacy to choose the type of lifestyle you wish to live whilst staying at Cherratta Lodge.

Our purpose is to create an environment where people feel happy, comfortable and rested, so we are very guest and client-focused. We understand the isolating challenges of working remotely and place a huge priority on health, safety and well-being.