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Guest Wellbeing Program

Everyone wants to finish work and return to a friendly, safe and secure environment to rest. We’ve listened to feedback from guests and worked closely with our clients to make Cherratta Lodge the best place to stay in Karratha. We work tirelessly to ensure that our guests start work each day with a positive mindset and we are proud to continuously improve the experience that we deliver.

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Our Cherratta Lodge team coordinates and supports participation in important initiatives such as Mental Health Week, R U OK Day, World Health Day, Men’s Health Week and World Mental Health Day. We invite guest speakers, prepare flyers and get everyone involved in conversations that we know lead to better mental wellbeing.
We also facilitate connections with local businesses that can provide professional support and provide online forums and support lines for FIFO families.


Our friendly and family-focused culture is as important as our purpose-built facilities at Cherratta Lodge. Long-stay guests refer to their “Cherratta Family” and we’re proud that everyone looks out for each other. This is incredibly unique in our industry and we are extremely proud of this sense of belonging and inclusion we have introduced through our lodgings.

During festive seasons we also provide information for our guests on how to stay in contact with families and how to stay positive. We organize events on-site and have special dinners to ensure our guests do not miss out on celebrations. Every year, all guests on-site over Christmas receive a Christmas gift!