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Employment Opportunities


Our people are key to our success. We place a high value on safety, truthfulness, and respect.
We take a proactive role in creating and sustaining a workplace climate that is inclusive, respectful and supportive of each member.
At Cherratta Lodge, it’s more than just a company. It’s a family.


Our employee’s wellbeing is important to us, we have created a Complete Employee Wellbeing plan to assist our employees not only in the workplace but outside as well.
Our Employee Wellbeing Plan is based on 6 elements of Wellbeing, these are:


Programs that take care of the body, the first step to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Mental & Emotional

Initiatives assisting individuals to cope with the stresses of life

Financial Wellbeing

Initiatives that provide individuals advice to work towards financial security.

Family Wellbeing

Initiatives which help individuals gain a balance between work & family life.

Community Wellbeing

Connections which combine, social & cultural initiatives, helping individuals flourish.

Career and Planning

Initiatives to empower an individual to work towards something they enjoy every day.


As part of our Wellbeing Program, employees can enjoy the following at Cherratta Lodge:

Employee Discounts


  • Free Gym membership
  • Free fitness classes
  • Access to swimming pools
  • Discounted coffee, breakfast, crib and dinner

Employee Recognition


  • Weekly staff lunches
  • Bi-Annual Staff Events
  • Recognition and Incentive programs
  • Staff Engagement Surveys

Career Opportunities


  • Internal Upskilling Programs
  • External Training opportunities

We don’t have videos of working employees smiling for the camera because let’s face it, hospitality isn’t always pretty! But we are passionate about the products we produce, and we are immensely proud of the name we built – Surely goes way beyond just fun! This is our pride. So get on. Awesomeness wanted!